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Sand mining is considered a major contribution to the revenue of Bantul. It can be seen from so many sand mining conducted by the community in Bantul. However, sand mining activity is often regarded as one of the activities that damage the environment. When the mining activities are not managed well and properly, then any mining activity will inevitably lead to environmental impacts, both positive and negative.

However the magnitude of market demand for sand is large enough so as to encourage the development of these activities rapidly. Consequently, there is a wide range of environmental problems, for example :

  1. Sand mining caused the soil surface to drop drastically affecting the life of the existing buildings around the sand mining area in Progo River. Besides, there will be loss of topsoil on the soil surface so that the plants cannot grow and the possibility of landslides during the rainy season becomes larger.
  2. Sand mining also causes the soil surface to run into the river so that the capacity of the river in accommodating the flowing water is reduced which will enlarge the possibility of flood.

In addition to the problems caused by sand mining, drainage and irrigation system in Poncosari Village cannot be fully utilized. Basically, the drainage system is used to accommodate the excess water so that there is no flood or waterlog which can bring disadvantage to the surrounding community, particularly those living as farmers. It also serves as irrigation system which is basically used to hold water so as to reduce drought risk which is common in the dry season. However, this drainage and irrigation system that do not really work well can cause drought during the dry season and the abundant presence of stagnant water during the rainy season, so the crops in Poncosari Village are often decreased, and this caused disadvantages to local residents.

Besides, the usage of drainage and irrigation system is not optimum because the distribution and drainage procedures are still done manually. As an example, villagers manually lay the boards of irrigation canals for the purpose of stemming so that the water can flow into the rice fields of the villagers. This method is quite troublesome and dangerous for villagers of Poncosari because residents must go directly to the irrigation canal which is actually quite deep and swift water flow. Therefore, solutions for these issues are expected, so that citizens of Poncosari Village can maximize agricultural production and can improve the economy of the village.

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