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The development of information and communication technology to help manage the information activities of the village administration especially in Bantul will give new opportunities to serve the community with fast, accurate, relevant, and timely service. In addition to benefitting the community with quick and transparent service, the central government also benefited from the increase in regional revenue due to the fast access owned by the central government on the regional potentials that could be developed.

The presence of technology in the village will indirectly increase the production capability and give added value to the superior local commodity. Not only that, technology also creates independent business groups which are capable in productive economic activities. Technology makes the village more advanced.

Poncosari village is a village which has a high potential, but the lack of information technology in the region leads to the lack of development in this area. Information technology can be used as a means to promote the uniqueness of a region, but if the technology is still insufficient, the development of this area potential can be disrupted. In addition, in a tourist area, monitoring system, both online and offline are required. Thus, if there is an event, it can be handled quickly and accurately.

For the example with the promotion of tourism areas and places to eat in Poncosari by using online media, the income of local people can be increased. As an example, a website containing the prohibition of bringing food from outside the tourism areas or billboards for promotion for the tourism sites can be made. Thus, the tourists will be interested in buying local food in the tourism area in Poncosari.

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